Friday, November 20, 2009

The Holidays are Around the Corner!

Nothing gets me more in the mood than The Christmas Carol... the ghosts... Scrooge and Tiny Tim. EsqNever (a fellow blogger) has made the story relevant to lawyers in his creation of Law School Carol. Hilarious, kids. Make sure to watch parts #2 to #5 as well and the epilogue.


  1. The holidays are also an opportune time to share what a great career law has been for you to your family! My extended family thinks I'm out there arguing the next Scopes Monkey Trial.

  2. That's right. Let your family and friends know about the dismal state of the legal industry. Tell your parents and loved ones what a horrible career path you chose, and then ask your mom to pass the mashed potatoes.

    Seeing that Thanksgiving is a time to give "thanks," make sure you express your gratitude to any family members who pressured you to go to law school, in the first place. Tell them, "Thanks! Now, I owe another $60,000 in student loans and I am earning $35K. How can I ever truly thank you?!?"

  3. I love these little cute and full of truth and wisdom..LOL



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