Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Angel Gets a Job Offer!! Don't Celebrate Yet!

I'm a cocky person. I also do a great interview. So, I wasn't shocked to hear back from a firm that I had applied to. I sat in on the first interview and I wasn't that impressed. I was frankly wondering why I applied to work there. I was a little blase about the job. So, much like lovers, these men were more interested in me because I wasn't that interested in them.

I didn't even send a Thank You note.

So, I had my second interview with this firm. I decided I'd give it a chance, although I doubted that they would pay me enough to work there. I'm not looking to earn a ton, but working at this firm would necessitate the purchase of vehicle and I don't like driving or spending money on cars. I love public transportation. That's why I live where I live.

So I met with the firm's head honcho and it was clear that I was the "One" for him. He practically had stars in his eyes. Then it came time for the salary. He asked me how much I was making. I told him and he literally, tipped his chair back, raised his mouth to the sky and laughed like a hyena. I was a bit hurt.

Then he told me what he was thinking. Without going into details... it was fucking low.
Low-- as in--I don't think I can work there and eat at the same time. I imagine taking a job at that salary would make me more poor because I would go into debt supporting my working habit.

So, feeling like I had nothing to lose, I grew some balls and told him:
I have a proposal for you. Why don't you hire someone right out of law school, because that's the right salary for them and when you have more clients as you claim you will, you can give me a call. I'll come in and fix everything the new grad got wrong and I will earn back my salary for the firm in no time.

He must have liked that because then the tables turned.

I was interviewing him. He proceeded to tell me about his million dollar practice fromm another life and all of the big clients he was expecting, how connected he was and how this firm was growing exponentially.

I didn't want to be a bitch, but I'm sure I came off as one. I told him that I'll still be around in 6 months and he can contact me after he lands those clients.

He apparently doesn't hear well, because he told me to consider the offer and get back to him as soon as possible.

Yah, right.


  1. That is too funny of a story...but sad. He apparently thinks you are a crack whore (i.e. work at crack whore rates)..LOL

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