Thursday, September 24, 2009

I was just trying to save $2.70 a day in bus fare.

Once again... I am attempting to be sensible.  On a daily basis, I spend $2.70 on bus fare and $8.00 on train fare.  Well, I can't very well walk into the city, but I have two feet. I can bike to the train station.  Why waste the $2.70 a day on a bus when I can hop on my trusty, shitty, Schwinn and get the train station and get a little exercise in the meantime.  I'm just trying to be frugal because I'm out of a job.  The days of buses and cabs are over.

Yesterday, after my post office incident, I rode to the train station. I took my time and locked up my bike at the rack, making sure to put the chain through the frame and tire of the bike. I even looked at the surrounding bikes and noted that mine is in the bottom 25% of quality.  My seat hurts my ass... I'm pretty damn sure that no one would want it.  I did read a sign, however, that said that the Police would confiscate my bike if I left it more than 24 hours.  But I wasn't planning on doing that.

So, I get back to the train station late last night.  I had dinner with my friend Lisa and we went to the Borders bookstore to look at magazines.  It was about 10 when I got back. I used my head and thought I shouldn't ride my bike back at night cause I'll be robbed or killed in the dark mean streets of the Hood.  I hitched a cab and dreaded the $8 ride.  But I was trying to do the sensible thing.  

This morning, I take the effing bus to the train station. I tally up in in my head that I'm $9.35 out of pocket for my discretions (not indiscretions, because I was doing the right thing) ... but I think that safety comes first.  Besides, I took my gym clothes and I'll ride my bike back home.... OR SO I THOUGHT.

So, I stop by at the gym on the way back and change out of my suit. I'm grungey and ready to ride. I'm envisioning a ride through the park or the ethnic part of town.  I was thinking about picking up Samosas from the Indians.  

Visions of Samosas were dancing in my head.

On the train, I ran into the Super's son.  We parted ways... I told him, "I'm not riding the bus, I have my bike here... unless it's stolen, ha ha."  I climbed the stairs and walked to the bike rack... and there was a huge space where my bike was supposed to be.  

I circled the rack three times like Muslims circling the Kaaba, with a sense of awe and amazement, that I was doing the "right thing" by saving money... and now I was going to be set back $300 for my effort.   $300 = one student loan payment, $300 = condo maintenance for one month, $300 = food and entertainment cost for a month.  $300 = 1/2 of homeowner's insurance for the year.  FUCK ME.  

And, no, the cops didn't confiscate it.  They were really sweet.  They said that some crackhead probably needed a ride home.

So, once again... NOT spending with reckless abandon, trying to be frugal, trying to exercise... doing the right thing doesn't work out for me in the end.  Not to mention the fact that I live in the hood because I didn't want to buy a place that was too expensive.... 

I should pick up prostitution, alcoholism and drug use and see where that gets me!  I'll probably end up a millionaire with a reality show.

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