Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Heart Gmail!

I really do. I love it for so many reasons...

1. The Layout... I use the Tea House Layout so I can watch my little critter tend to his Japanese garden through the day and night.

2. Chat.. I'd rather type than talk any day. This has been a great way to keep in touch with friends the world over and tell them how shitty my days have been. Hopefully, it will be a great way to tell them good news, if any materializes.

3. Unlimited Storage-Well almost. I have used 55% of my space and at some point I have to do some major erasing or buy space.

4. The conversation feature. I love that I can hypothetically have a "conversation" trail with potential employers if anyone were to email me back.


I have tons of labels: "Job Related", "Work Related", "Sent Resume", "To Do (Job Related)", "Temp Agency (Call for a Job)" and on and on.
The label feature has enabled me to track just how pathetic my job search has been. So, since I've started this blog, I have applied to 233 jobs. 233 job applications, wherein I have poured my heart and soul into cover letters stressing my abilities, experience and passion for this potential job. Anyone who has looked for a job knows that the most grueling part is the cover letter. I expose my soul to an HR person or a hiring Partner, pleading for a chance to prove my love to them. That I would love this opportunity to be someone and show them what I am made off.

I also have a label for "Rejection". 
I have received 5 rejection letters in total: 
1. SEC 
2. Bayer
3. Geico
4. Rutgers Newark and 
5. Bloomberg. Bloomberg sent me a rejection letter 20 minutes after I applied for the job. Although disappointed, I was impressed with their efficiency.

Am I so low that I'm not worthy of a rejection letter? I almost miss the days when I was graduating from law school and things were done via snail mail and I collected a whole stack of rejection letters that I burned in a bonfire after I received an offer. Where has common courtesy gone? If I spend 45 minutes filling out an application, answering questions about my legal status and creating a thought provoking cover letter, don't I deserve a rejection email. Just saying.... What do you think?

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  1. This blog entry has introduced me to many things I did not know about G-Mail. I just changed my browser, added labels, etc. Thanks!



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