Thursday, September 17, 2009

Drip Drip, Drip Drip, Drip Drip.

So, I work for (the next few weeks anyways) a big firm.  Let's call it Gangster & Dunn.  At GD, we felt stable as Staff Attorneys.  What is a Staff Attorney, you may ask?  It's a dead end position where you do document review or anything else that would be expected from a first or second year associate.  Up until The Crash, we were paid well.  We had decent hours.  Sometimes, we would work late and weekends, but generally, we were happy campers.  But then, people started dropping.  First it was the slackass girl who didn't think she needed to come to the office, or work at all... so we weren't really upset.   All of the SAs thought that she deserved to be fired.  Then... a few weeks later, it was people with questionable hours, or people who had issues with associates.  There was always a reason.  Actually, GD was so good to us that some people were given warnings.  We thought, if you don't get a warning, then there's nothing to fear.  That means you're fine.

But then the firings got a little weird.  How can GD let Lily go when she's a key person on a major case?  How can GD let Bob go when he billed 230 hours every month for the last few months.  Even after Bob was fired, he worked so damn hard for his final month.  Maybe they'll change their minds?  

Then a few weeks or even a month would pass and we would put it out of heads.  We thought they were finished.  I even had a few people in Finance.. my own deepthroat... who told me that GD was so great that we had higher profits than ever.  Surely they would finish with seemingly unnecessary layoffs.

But no, they fired a guy who was there for 5 years and another that was there for 10.  When would the madness stop.

About then is when I got the call. I was out.  And that's fine. I'm single and I will survive.  But they surely wouldn't go on to fire people with children and families.
But then they did.  GD fired people with children.  Where is the mercy?

Anyways, one by one, the SAs are being shot down.  It's just torture.  It's not right. It's not fair.  If they know they are going to disband the program... give us each 6 months to find a job and a nice severance package.  But to have no loyalty to us when we wear the GD emblem proudly on umbrellas and tote bags is just so damn wrong.

I really wish I was born 75 years ago.  There are a couple reasons why.  First of all, maybe I could have avoided that women's lib nonsense which gave women 2 full-time jobs as if one weren't enough.  And maybe I could have landed a job with United Steel, where I would be part of a Union which would fight for my rights. I would start working for them as a secretary at 17 and retire at 50 with a juicy pension.  All without the encumbrance of a student loan for a worthless degree, aka the JD or the Just Dick degree.  It just hurts so much to do your job, to the best of your ability and without question.  And to be let go like a cat that pissed on the couch one to many times.  Free to wander from contract job to contract job like a vagrant.  Isn't life exciting?  Not really. It's just terrifying.

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  1. You would love to just chalk it up to the soulless corporate machines that are dropping people right and left almost indiscriminately despite high profits... but the same happened to me and I work(ed) at one of those cozy, family-oriented NGOs where everyone eats granola and talks about making the world a better place... except for the 25% workforce that is getting laid off.



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