Friday, February 11, 2011

Really? Really!

Harvard #1.... and Cooley #2.  It's no fucking joke, according to Thomas M. Cooley School of Law.  Sorry if I'm late to the party, but I can't let a story about Cooley come and go without Angel's treatment. 
How the hell did that happen, you wonder.. so did I.  I'm still wondering, actually.  Cooley goes on about everything that was not considered in reaching this determination by "Judging the Law"*:
First, Judging the Law Schools eliminates the highly subjective criteria found in other well-known ranking systems from consideration. Eliminating subjectivity from the rankings means that:
•"Reputation" of the schools based on the opinions of various individuals and the quality of scholarly publications by faculty are not included; and
•No consideration is given to exclusionary admissions practices in these rankings, although the quality of incoming classes is considered.
Here's what was considered by these mental patients...
Judging's rankings are based on the following premises:
•That higher incoming credentials are better than lower;
•That lower student:teacher ratios and smaller class sizes are better than higher ratios and larger classes;
•That higher bar passage rates are better than lower;
•That bigger is better than smaller;
•That less expensive is better than more expensive; and
•That more minority enrollment is better than less.

I somehow think that Tom Cooley would rank #494, even under this newfangled and hardly recognized system. 

On that note, have a great weekend.  Don't go to Cooley unless you're a mental midget with a death wish. By the way, if you buy Tom Cooley's bullshit, you're a mental midget with a death wish and deserve everything coming to you.

*Who the hell are these idiots?


  1. As a Michigan lawyer, Cooley has consistently produced the worst attorneys in this state.

  2. "Judging's rankings are based on the following premises:
    •That bigger is better than smaller;"

    A bigger law school is inherently better than a small one? So if Yale expanded it would automatically be a better law school?

    What a joke of a "this will boost Cooley" criterion.

    But yeah, if you just disregard that everyone agrees Cooley is the trashbin of American legal education that people only go to when they can't get into MSU, Valpo, Detroit, etc., then I'm sure it's a fine school.

  3. No need to mock midgets--what with their being human beings and all.

  4. Cooley is the BIGGEST piece of excrement of any law school, in the United States. Sadly, they rely on idiots with 144 LSATs to fill their ranks. These borderline retards apparently feel that a TTTT law degree will set them apart - and make them presitigious.

    Listen, ass-clown: I would be more impressed with a dweeb who just ate a 213 pound woman's vagina than I would EVER be by your "accomplishment." Does *that* put things into perspective?!?!

  5. Nando, what is going on with your posts lately? They're getting so obnoxious and the obscene sexual imagery is repetitive and disturbing. If you're out of material, take a break. Don't revert to being a teenage boy. I'm really starting to think you're seriously unhinged.

  6. To 12:40 am,

    Grow up. Is this stinging your clear eyes and virgin ears?! If you are older than 20, and not confined to a monastery, then you have heard FAR worse. If you have watched TV or film in the last 10 years, you have probably seen maggot-infested corpses rotting; sexual assaults portrayed, graphic murders; etc. Get the point?! Save your outrage for something that matters - such as law "professors" making $231K per year!

    Is this more palatable for your timid stomach:

    "I would be more impressed with someone who ate an entire Happy Meal by themselves than I am with someone armed with a Cooley law degree"?

    Is that better, content police? By the way, does your sense of propriety extend to those who mock midgets or liberally use the word "fuck" in their posts? (I don't care that you or others do so, Angel. I am simply trying to show this sissy above that there are bigger travesties.) That's what I thought. Pull that baby pacifier out of your mouth, shut off the Disney DVD, turn off the night light and be a grown man or woman.

    My aunt once married a guy who moved her out to the frozen hamlet of Turtle Bay, Wisconsin. He thought that the world should be a big church. My father once told him to grow a pair of balls. The guy just sat down like a pussy, and wondered how people could that direct. If you want to live in a Big Church, then go start your own religious convent.

    Lastly, I do not care if an over-sensitive vagina thinks that I am unhinged. I am an adult, and sometimes adults use graphic language to get their point across. Watch out for the bogeyman in your closet. Maybe Mommy and Daddy will let you sleep in their bed tonight, pussy.

  7. Nando needs an old fashioned ass kicking. He is the worst of the keyboard warriors. If you don't agree with him he always goes to the lowest common denominator. No wonder this genius is so bitter. He might be bright enough to get through law school, but not bright enough to have the social skills necessary to be a funcioning member of society. He berates his wife publicly, lord knows what he does to her when folks aren't looking. He has a website that posts the same things over and over. A pathetic little man, and I use man in the loosest of ways...meant only as deference to his age only. Really, get help. Counseling. Start drinking heavily. Something. All you do is bring the other bloggers down with your hatred. You serve no purpose. You have no reason for being involved, other than you could not get a legal job. "I pity the fool", as Mr. T. so eloquently said. Good luck to you little man.

  8. Anonymous 12:40 is right. Nando, I can't help wondering what sort of lawyer you would make if you don't know how to make a point without referring to "excrement", "assclowns", and a "dweeb who just ate a 213 pound woman's vagina."

    "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it is clear that the plaintiff is represented by a borderline retard whose law school is the biggest piece of excrement in the United States..."

    "Mr. Nando, the court will not tolerate that kind of language!"

    "Your honor, are you some kind of over-sensitive vagina?"

  9. 10:44,

    Water off a duck's back. If you want to refer to me as little, I don't care. I am comfortable in my own skin - and I am not going to change my tone or demeanor because an oversensitive person had their sensibilities offended. By the way, I am not that hard to find. Come give me an ass-kicking.

    By the way, I don't drink. ("Drink heavily" is not sound counsel, either, dumbass. Just as someone telling your wife to blow Antonio the pool boy, on the side, is not sound marital/relationship advice. Do we have an understanding?)

    What is your problem? Oh, that's right! I am a little excitable. Why would that be? Overall student loan debt is approaching $890 billion. This generation will be defined by student debt - as it is affecting people's chances to purchase homes, start families and get married. (I realize these goals are not for everyone. But non-dischargeable debt does negatively impact people's ability to reach these life events/milestones.) And you want me to take this situation lightly?!?!

    Also, Mr. T is now doing infomercials for pay day lenders. Find a new hero to worship.

    Furthermore, I talk this way to people I know, i.e. friends, relatives, neighbors, annoying co-workers. On those rare occasions when I attend church, I address people in this way. (But I should address anonymous people on an internet board with extra care?) Is there some reason why I am supposed to have reverence or something? In sum, this is my demeanor, in real life - not just behind the keyboard. Who knows? Maybe someone will knife me in a parking lot, someday.

    Get some tougher skin. How have you managed to survive the legal world, which is full of rough, brazen, opportunistic cutthroats?!

    As far as hurting the scambloggers goes, check out the stats. Which blog receives the most views and gritty comments? Check out what some "law professors" have said about TTR. (Does this mean that this is the best site, content-wise? Not necessarily, but at least it does not provide light fare, such as weather reports, or gossip about which "professor" is dating students, which judges watch porn, associate bonuses, etc.)

    Back on July 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm, Professor J. Gordon Hylton at Marquette Law School had this to say about Third Tier Reality:

    “For a thought-provoking (and sobering) blog devoted to the realities of legal education in the 21st century, one should check out Third Tier Reality”

    Let’s not forget the NYT quoting me, or the articles on ABA Journal, WSJ law blog, Slate, etc.

  10. I'd prefer you didn't use female genitalia as an insult, as if to have a vagina is a bad thing.

  11. Nothing that Nando says offends me. He has an audience, in part, because of his vivid imagery. If you don't like it, then don't read Third Tier Reality. As for my cursing, I write exactly how I speak. I curse in person and so do most lawyers and judges--therefore I see no reason to censor myself.
    As for the midget, I have nothing against midgets (little people, to be PC) at all. I just thought that picture epitomized a "mental midget." I'd make fun of him if he were 7 feet tall. I really can't be concerned with offending everyone. I would have to stop posting if I tried.

  12. And that's where a disclaimer comes in handy. People are warned before even reading my blog that I am who I am & if they don't like it, they can start their own damn blog. I think mine also says something about not wasting my time with grammar concerns, or how I've offended your little crybaby sensibilities since it will not lead to a good response (though I don't resort to utter crassness since I'm more creative than that).

    Granted, mine IS a rant blog & for me, demanding a rant blogger to be PC is like demanding the KKK to allow black people to join.

    Cooley = Clown Law School. Enough said.



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