Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clueless Indeed.

Elizabeth G. Olson from Fortune is obviously dense, dumb and slow--as evidenced by her February 16, 2011 article entitled "Lawyers: Say farewell to that guaranteed raise." You think!?  It's articles such as these that make people hate lawyers.  Apparently, big law firms--although still starting associates at $160K--are going to base raises on merit, rather than years out of law school.  Wooptifuckingdo.  Whoa is them.  Poor little rich lawyers aren't quite as wealthy as they used to be.  The legal industry has bigger concerns.  How about the 80% of 2008 grads that were unemployed at one point?   What happened to them?
So, Ms. Olson notes the reason for the redistribution of wealth is because Big Law is under the scrutiny of their broke-ass corporate clients.  I experienced this myself while working at Big Law.  The corporate clients would audit the legal bills and make demands like "Can't Contract Attorneys (in India) do this work?"  Big Law, you're late to the pity party. Most lawyers deal with broke-ster clients that micro-manage your case because of costs.  Actually, i would venture to guess that most of legal strategy is defined by cost.   Ideally, you'd like to do the best for your clients, but they can't afford to have you pull all stops for them.  Now corporations are feeling the crunch and are similarly trying to micro-manage their legal teams.  So, bull shit story short, the legal world is changing and it's looking less stellar for the creme de la creme. What a mundane story.  It's like focusing on the gas tank leak at the corner Exxon while the BP Oil Spill is gushing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Journalists love to focus on the non-stories.  It makes the world seem like a decent place.
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  1. I do not understand why people such as EvrenSeven take the time to point out a grammatical error, rather than comment on the substance of the post. What is the objective?

    This type of douche only seems to comment on legal blogs. EvrenSeven please get a fucking life.

  2. Thanks for following up on that, Angel D. Lawyer.... That article really made my blood boil.

  3. While I do not feel particularly sympathetic to the associates at the corporate law firms, the fact is, they are being screwed, and that is a worthy story.

    The "corporate clients must tighten up because they simply don't have the money anymore" is a bullshit scapegoat to squeeze their law firms. It is just as bad as when the corporate CEOs lay people off in their own companies to offshore or whatever. The big corporations have been making RECORD profits in the past few quarters. The stock indexes are way up. And the obese fatcats come to their attorneys with tin cups in hand saying "I can't afford you, a nickel for something to eat?" Total BS.



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