Tuesday, February 22, 2011

F*ck You Gunner!

I love this video!  This is an effective use of Law School time!

These are by farrrrrrrrrrrr, the most lovable law students I've seen in forever!


  1. This is Hilarious!

    It makes me feel dated in a way too, because when I was in school, only a few people had laptops.

    And the laptops back then were made with vacuum tubes.

  2. While I think that the students who made this are pretty talented, I've got to wonder about their attitude. They're essentially complaining about a guy who works hard, prepares for class, dresses well, and has something to contribute to discussions. While I suppose that having family connections are a worthy target, the rest of the gunner traits seem laudable especially given that the alternative to being a gunner-- at least according to this video-- is swearing and dressing like a high-class whore.

  3. 30% of the people responding to the poll up top have been unemployed for over 2 years? WTF, that can't be right. People have to be thinking "not employed as a laywer" as unemployed, which I tend to empathize with.

  4. oh woops, unemployed or underemployed. my bad

  5. @ 8:04

    I'm guessing you are either a 0L or a 1L. There is a big difference between actively participating in class and being a gunner. It's perfectly acceptable, in fact welcome, to ask questions to assist a professor in making a subject more clear (as we all know, most professors don't make clarity a priority in their lectures). However, a gunner is one who needlessly and endlessly makes comments during a class which often aren't necessary. He/she is doing this only to (a) hear themselves talk; (b) show off how smart they think they are; or (c) both. Also, if you are genuinely confused about a topic, there comes a point where you need to stop asking questions to let the class move forward. You can always talk to a professor after class to clarify. Gunners seem incapable of grasping this concept.

    So, to put it mildly, there is an alternative to being a gunner that does not involve swearing and dressing like a whore (not sure where you got that idea).

  6. "...is swearing and dressing like a high-class whore.

    February 23, 2011 8:04 AM "


    Some of us like that kinda girl, okay Mr. High-Horse? Would you perhaps prefer they dress as LOW class whores?

  7. High-class whores do not swear. At least, not in public or unless being paid to do so.

  8. Yes, don't you just hate successful people!

  9. I like the video and absent whiny gunners viewing/reading this (you know who you are...that's right, the guy in the video) and others who are ignorant of the typical law school classroom atmosphere, it is on point....great job because everyone else was like "F*ck you" the entire three years.....

  10. I like that the video captures the essential experience of somebody who comes out on the losing end of law school: they hate the gunners and feel profoundly superior to the gunners, but at the same time they realize they are the losers and thus envy the gunners and feel profoundly inferior to the gunners.

  11. I don't know what is funnier, this short musical, or the fact that it irritated 2/23: @8:04, 9:02, and 11:03.

    I see it as Satire, that can be taken either way.

    Great job with the film to whomever these kids are. And yes, a lot of talent!

  12. I'm 11:03 and I don't think it is irritating at all, I think it is brilliant. It would be too easy to leave it at "fuck you" to the gunner, but they go that extra step to show it is a mixed bag. They criticize the gunner for trying too hard, but recognize that tabbed books and flash cards lead to success, whereas grumbling about it leads to making copies.

    The gunner is a douche, but he's a winner. That is the essence of the law school experience, neatly compiled in a song parody.

  13. Gunners are people who waste everyone's time arguing about multiple choice questions (it can only be 1 of 4 answers assho) and asking stupid shit that no one cares about - OR- voicing their "opinions" like anyone cares.

    Gunners (at my LS) hid books and did other annoying shit.

    For example, my last semester I was in bar prep. We spent 30 mins listening to a back an forth between gunner-jerkoff and the professor over the answer to a barbri MBE question (even though it was obvious if you were not 'tarded). Great use of EVERYONE'S time. THAT is what gunners do, and THAT is why every hates them.

  14. Of thw two most-despised gunners in my class section at Third Tier Drake, one went on to earn an LLM at American Univer$ity. The other pretentious douchebag is now working at an insurance defense mill. This second ass-hat was telling everyone how he *might* have an (unpaid) clerkship lined up after law school. The guy graduated in the top 5-10 students, in the class.

  15. I wonder how many non-gunners were included in the making of that video.

  16. Critick,
    That is my feelings regarding about gunners. The gunners at my school were horrid and deceptive people and ironically, didn't do well. They were flunkies. So, being a gunner doesn't mean you'll do well in LS.

  17. Off topic but definitely a sign of the times:

    Selling body parts to pay off student loans--really, what's next....?


  18. @ 2/25 11:07

    Thanks for sharing that. It is true Mary Shelly or Frankenstein kind of stiff.

    The thought of selling a kidney or something on the black market has crossed my mind often, although I would never do it.

    I remember seeing a news segment on TV once about the very poor people in India selling kidneys for 100K (if I recall correctly.)

    Does the analogy of an animal caught in a trap, and escaping by chewing off its leg fit?

    What a social travesty Student Loans have become for at least some people.

  19. Hey JDpainter - if you borrowed the money, just pay it back and stop yammering about "social travesty". If you took the cash, no one forced it on you, so just repay the loans. Or don't and "enjoy" the consequences.

  20. love love it!! Fav part is towards the end where my JD won't feed me. Gonna share it too!

  21. @ 3:54

    If you haven't already, come over to my blog. We'll take it up there.

    If you don;t want to, please go to:


    Or alleducationmatters.blogspot.com

    And tell each and every one of many thousands just like me to "enjoy" the consequences.

    You sound young.

    (Sorry to go off topic Re: the Excellent Musical clip above)

  22. Although I don't always agree with JDpainterguy's approach. He raises some very critical (ha pun) issues about the human cost of debt. While I am procrastinating with the flu today, I just want to thank him for his dedication to the movement for transparency. While I take a very different view from him on HOW to deal with debt, I understand his woes and have a great deal of sympathy. You see, random judgmental internet guy, his problems are my problems. Tomorrow I could be fired, end up divorced and on the street. Simply because every single job is at will employment. My ability to maintain my status, and keep my debt in the dark basement that its in, is only due to that paycheck. In fact, its only a twist of fate that he and I are not painting the same houses. Its not until you have spent some time out of school and in the real world do you come to terms with how close you are to the abyss every day.

  23. @ March 1: 2:37

    You sound like a good egg.

    The abyss is not so bad after you really start banging and slamming on that old banjo.

    So stay tuned. I'll be posting more banjo clips on youtube.

    And take care of that flu! No one can think completely straight when sick.



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