Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thomas Jefferson School of Law CELEBRATES...

As you all must know by know, Mr. Wallerstein was prominently featured in the article in New York Times as a Thomas Jefferson Graduate and an unemployed (or underemployed) lawyer:

WHEN he started in 2006, Michael Wallerstein knew little about the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, other than that it was in San Diego, which seemed like a fine place to spend three years.
“I looked at schools in Pennsylvania and Long Island,” he says, “but I thought, why not go somewhere I’ll enjoy?”
If only he was attending the Thomas Jefferson School of Law today, because EVERYTHING has changed since he graduated in 2009. How so, you ask?  They moved to a new and amazing campus! :
"This is the most extraordinary law school campus in the nation," said Rudy Hasl, a school dean. "It is designed to facilitate interactions between everyone on campus in a comfortable, collaborative setting. That is the key to success in law school."
Oh... so that's what the $250,000 worth of debt did for Mr. Wallerstein!  It built the future grads a new and innovative law school!  Good for him!  Surely, he'll reap the benefits of this TTToilet Law School's degree now!
Thomas Jefferson comes equipped with an archeological site:

In February 2009, work on the campus was interrupted by the discovery of an 8-foot-long mammoth tusk, skull and other bones about 20 feet below ground level. It turned about to be the remains of a Columbian mammoth, which roamed the earth about 500,000 years ago.
Several weeks later, bones belonging to an ancestor of the modern gray whale were unearthed.
The Mammoth will definitely propel this school into the first tier.  After all, law firms value students with a science background.

And to top it off, TJSL has a great diner where you can have a meal with your study buddies:
The 178,000-square-foot campus will have two outdoor terraces and a student lounge that looks like a round 50's diner. 
That's great!  So, TJ students can relate to baby boomers.

Epic fail with the timing, Dean Hasl.  This new campus is as sticky and tricky as the tar pit that the mammoth sunk into 500,000 years ago.  Please!  Avoid at all costs, or you will follow in the footsteps of Mr. Wallerstein, a mammoth and a lost whale.


  1. I'm having real trouble with the "success in law school" comment. Shouldn't "success in law school" mean getting a job as a lawyer upon graduation? How exactly are "interaction between everyone on campus in a comfortable, collaborative setting" the key to doing that?

  2. Animal bones don’t constitute an archaeological site unless there is evidence of human involvement.

  3. Maybe they employed the 2010 graduates to dig. That way, they can say 100% were employed. Or do you mean they have to dig up people?

  4. "The Mammoth will definitely propel this school into the first tier. After all, law firms value students with a science background."

    LOL. I resemble that remark...though not in a good, monied way.

  5. The only TJIL alum I ever met was working on a farm.

  6. I never understood what the big deal is about Wooly Mammouths.

    They were nothing more than a big hairy elephant with bigger tusks.

    Remember that TV show a while back where they found one in a big block of ice? What ever happened to it?

    Similarly, a cave man is nothing more than a bigger, and dumber person with more hair.Big deal.

    But a dinosaur--that's a litle more impressive!

  7. Angel,

    This further shows that the law school does not give one damn about its graduates or current students. They simply want to attract more lemmings to their campus, so they can swindle them as well.

    Here is a telling graphic:


    Average Student Indebtedness: US News reports that the average student indebtedness - for those members of the TJ$L Class of 2009 who incurred law school debt - was $131,800. Fully 95% of this commode’s particular graduating class took on such toxic debt.

    These are the HIGHEST FIGURES of any law school listed by USN&WR.

  8. "interaction between everyone on campus in a comfortable, collaborative setting"

    if he's saying what i'm thinking - orgies - i'm signing.



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