Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Depression hits the Education Industry HARD!

I love to report good news.   Career Education (yes, I've never heard of that company either) will be cutting 600 jobs.  Here's a list of their institutions of higher education:

 American InterContinental University Atlanta Campus
 American InterContinental University Houston
 American InterContinental University Online
 American InterContinental University South Florida Campus
 American InterContinental University Study Abroad Programs
 Briarcliffe College - Bethpage
 Briarcliffe College - Online
 Briarcliffe College - Patchogue
 Brooks Institute
 Brown College
 California Culinary Academy
 Collins College
 Colorado Technical University - Colorado Springs
 Colorado Technical University - Denver
 Colorado Technical University - North Kansas City
 Colorado Technical University - Pueblo
 Colorado Technical University - Sioux Falls
 Colorado Technical University Online
 Gibbs College - Boston
 Harrington College of Design
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Chicago
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Detroit
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Las Vegas
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Nashville
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Orlando
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Sacramento
 International Academy of Design & Technology - San Antonio
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Schaumburg
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Seattle
 International Academy of Design & Technology - Tampa
 Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta
 Le Cordon Bleu in Austin
 Le Cordon Bleu in Boston
 Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago
 Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas
 Le Cordon Bleu in LA
 Le Cordon Bleu in Miami
 Le Cordon Bleu in MSP
 Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando
 Le Cordon Bleu In Pittsburgh
 Le Cordon Bleu in Portland
 Le Cordon Bleu in Sacramento
 Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale
 Le Cordon Bleu in Seattle
 Le Cordon Bleu In St Louis
 Le Cordon Bleu In Vegas
 Le Cordon Bleu of Online
 Missouri College
 Sanford Brown College - Dearborn
 Sanford Brown College - Grand Rapids
 Sanford Brown College - Hillside
 Sanford Brown College - Indianapolis
 Sanford Brown College - Phoenix
 Sanford Brown College - Portland
 Sanford Brown College - Skokie
 Sanford Brown Institute - Cranston
 Sanford Brown Institute - Orlando
 Sanford-Brown College - Atlanta
 Sanford-Brown College - Cleveland
 Sanford-Brown College - Collinsville
 Sanford-Brown College - Dallas
 Sanford-Brown College - Farmington
 Sanford-Brown College - Fenton
 Sanford-Brown College - Hazelwood
 Sanford-Brown College - Houston
 Sanford-Brown College - Milwaukee
 Sanford-Brown College - Northloop
 Sanford-Brown College - San Antonio
 Sanford-Brown College - St. Peters
 Sanford-Brown College - Tinley Park
 Sanford-Brown College - Vienna
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Ft. Lauderdale
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Garden City
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Iselin
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Jacksonville
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Landover
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Monroeville
 Sanford-Brown Institute - New York
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Pittsburgh
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Tampa
 Sanford-Brown Institute - Trevose
 Sanford-Brown Institute - White Plains
 SBI Campus an affiliate of Sanford-Brown

I know it's not on point, but it's a good start.  Ha.  Reminds me of that joke. What do you call an attorney at the bottom of an ocean?  A good start.

I feel for those 600 people, and I wish that they could keep their jobs if it weren't at the expense of hundreds of thousands of ill-equipped and downtrodden students.  Of course, the real story is that post-secondary education is not as profitable as these super corporations had hoped.  Career Education has good reason for laying off so many employees:
The move follows slowing student enrollments across the private-sector post-secondary education industry and is part of the company's efforts to streamline its organization structure to better align with its long-term business strategy.
Truth is that 600 employees is a drop in the bucket compared to the unemployed students generated by these many campuses.  And, I have more news:
Among others in the industry, Apollo Group, Inc. (APOL: News ), the parent company of the University of Phoenix online school, said in late November that it will cut about 700 full-time jobs in the U.S. amid a sharp drop in enrollments.
In early December, Kaplan Higher Education, a subsidiary of education and media company The Washington Post Co. (WPO: News ), said it will eliminate about 770 positions, or 5% of its workforce. The company said the job cuts were due to lower student enrollments. 
Remember Kaplan's School of Law in D.C.?  Could the plan to open the law school be dead in the water?  I pray this is the beginning of more good news to come.  Hardknocks wrote about University of Phoenix a while back. They enroll half a million students.  Not exactly the cozy college experience at University of Phoenix, is it?  Of course, my hopes are... could it be?  I hate to jinx it by typing it here, but are TTThird Tier Toilets next?

Ironic that people who consider themselves intellectuals (snobby law students tend to look down on those who pursue technical degrees) are still flooding law schools while their intellectual "inferiors" got the memo and see the education scam for what it is.  When will potential law students use their intellect and reasoning abilities to evaluate a higher education for what it is?  It's an investment as pitiful as a Jacksonville McMansion in 2007.  As we disseminate information regarding the law school scam far and wide, only true dolts will continue to enroll in law school.  Eventually, lawyers will be so dumbed down that the reputation of lawyers will sink to that of... hmmm... can't think of any other career where people are so god damn dumb.  Yah, I know I'm not winning any popularity contests with my broadly painted generalizations.  But there is a bit of truth in every generalization.

As my mother says, the more education you get, the more common sense falls out your ears.
I am a Phoenix.  


  1. Their website says they have 13,000 employees. They are probably just preserving the annual upper-management bonuses by cutting those 600 jobs.

    When a big business totally folds, jobs are lost by the thousands, but the executives still retire as billionaires. This system must change.

  2. Miller-Motte holds fair for volunteersThursday, January 20, 2011
    Lowcountry community service organizations recently showcased their services for Miller-Motte Technical College students at the North Charleston two-year college's Harvest Volunteer Fair.
    Students met with more than 20 organizations, including AmeriCorps, Berkeley County Department of Juvenile Justice, Ronald McDonald House and People Against Rape, to see how the local groups' volunteer needs would mesh with their skills.
    Maria Rollerson of South Carolina Legal Services already is looking forward to the next outreach opportunity with Miller-Motte. "I was able to provide legal information to some of the students as well as network with other organizations," she says. "The Volunteer Fair was a success."
    "It's a win-win situation," says MMTC Career Services Director Nina Davis-Bell. "Community service groups gain volunteers with medical, business and other skills, and our students get the chance to serve the community while also building their resumes."
    Miller-Motte Technical College students have a history of serving the community.
    Instructor Sherry Stanfield often brings medical assisting students to health fairs, such as the Tri-County Head Start Health Fair in Ridgeville, where the students performed hematocrits, height, weight and vision testing on young children at the fair.
    Miller-Motte massage therapy students provide massage therapy to participants at the Race for the Ark and also at the Flowertown Festival in Summerville every year.
    And the college's surgical technology students regularly volunteer at the Charleston Animal Society.
    "Volunteering in the community is integral to the goals of Miller-Motte Technical College," says Campus Director Elaine Cue. "Our students want to be active in the community in which they will be working after graduating. As an example, some of the students attending health fairs might specialize in geriatrics or medical laboratory assisting. During the fairs, they're helping people from many different areas who someday might be their patients or their employers."

  3. two points:
    1) I believe new regulations bar schools from paying admissions "counselors" commissions based upon the number of students they enroll. That should stop them from trolling the homeless shelters.

    2) Students suing the California Culinary Academy:

  4. It costs taxpayers less to educate graduates in the for-profit schools than in tax-subsidized schools. Yes, John and Peter Sperling of the University of Phoenix are billionaires; but they made that money in the stock market, not from the tuition students paid. America has prospered when business offers a product that people want at a price they are willing to pay. Why do we make an exception for higher education? Career Education Corporation has nearly a half million alumni. They paid for their schooling. They are also paying to subsidize the schooling of those who attend tax-funded schools. Yet some from state sponsored schools who look down on them. Ironic isn't it?

  5. Angel, Pittsburg seems to disagree with your assessment of what constitutes good news. See this newspaper article.

  6. Anon 4:51,

    What's screwing up the private education system is the availability of federally backed student loans to anyone with a pulse.

    Additionally, shady statistics and outright deception/fraud of trusting students is not helping either.

    If the above two practices were eliminated, higher education (both publi cand private) would be much healthier.

  7. On the unemployment, stock was up 2% today:

    Only 22 bucks a share to become part-owner in this fantastic American company! P/E's under 10 and margins are north of 5% - this sucker is a BARGAIN!

  8. They probably cut those jobs because they want headlines about how they turned a record profit next quarter.

  9. I worked in a for-profit school and the "counselors" certainly did troll the streets for prospective students. I am so glad that I resigned from that joint over a year ago because I was sick and tired of watching them take away students' moneys, coaxing ill-informed and unequipped students (some with questionable basic academic skills) to pick up student loans, and fudging paperwork to get the government to provide lots of money to cover tuition for students. I don't blame the counselors because they are doing their job, but I remember the monster of a CEO.....*shudder*...I think that I almost lost my soul when I accidentally made eye contact....

  10. Good post. I would be reluctant, however, to conclude that these schools are losing money just because they cut 600 jobs. I estimate that they remain extremely profitable, and are now even moreso after this layoff. Forget law school, I should go START a law school. Or any school. That's where the money is!

  11. Higher education is a big scam in America. People in white shirts and black ties fooling the poor students on a daily basis. Thats all.

  12. Anyone know anyone who has successfully sued or gotten out of of their financial obligations from Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas? I heard of one guy and would like to find him or his attorney, can you help? (belibtn53 at hotmail

  13. LCB LAS VEGAS has the WORST campus director- shady and all- stay away!


    Join the movement everyone!



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