Sunday, January 2, 2011

Local Hospitals v. Local Law Schools: Which is More Necessary

As you know, I live in the Big Apple.  St. Vincent's was one of the few hospitals that serviced the west side of new york, south of Times Square.  It was closed because it was also one of the few hospitals that would give you treatment regardless of whether or not you had insurance.  St. Vincent's took in many of the victims of 9/11 and offered one of the few AIDS treatment facilities in the area.  However, as a money making enterprise, it was unsuccessful.  So, it was closed without regard to the needs of the community.  Trust me, it's only a problem for the down and out right now--but if another 9/11 hits New York City near the most targeted downtown area--we will all feel the pain.
As a point of comparison, Southeast Massachusetts needed a local law school because residents of that remote and relatively unpopulated part of Massachusetts were forced to travel to Boston to attend law school--a horrible inconvenience.  Law schools have become so abundant that every area should have one, I suppose.  So, the capitalist pigs of Massachusetts saw an untapped market that could be served with the establishment of a law school in that area.  Hence, the birth of UMass Dartmouth School of Law.  As you know, I am very against Massachusetts opening yet another law school. I have blogged about it more than once. Even though the Treasurer of Massachusetts was an outspoken critic of the idea--namely because MA couldn't afford to buy Southern New England School of Law--an unaccredited shit bowl.  However, all sense was thrown out the window and the acquisition happened.
Now, just to anger me further, Margaret "MarDee" Xifaras, was named Woman of the Year by some scum shit toilet newspaper for her efforts to advocate on behalf of this additional Massachusetts Commode.  In this video, she discusses the trials and tribulations of having to commute to a law school in Boston.  Shove it, Mardee.
Basically, if large portions of a booming metropolis can do without a community hospital--MA could do without another law school.  I wish we valued human rights to adequate health care over the almighty dollar.


  1. My God! What a waste! She seems to have no clue as to the utter lack of need for another law school to pump out more unneeded lawyers. At some point there has to be a reckoning for this suicidal waste of human lives and money. Don't they care that the student debt they are creating will not be dischargeable in bankruptcy? If my child had to choose between going to this new law school for three years and sitting around doing nothing for three years, I think sitting around doing nothing cigarettes would be the less damaging option. These law schools should come with warning labels much like boxes of cigarettes.

  2. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if people are really setting up law schools because these poor people have to travel all the way to [fill in city here] to learn their International Shoe, why don't we just accredit online schools like Concord and be done with it? These administrators keep bending over backwards to take every tuition dollar from non-trads who are tired of their perfectly functional jobs doing whatever and think they can easily to transition to law within their busy, busy schedules. If you're really concerned about that (they aren't), set up an online school and convince the ABA it doesn't threaten legal education at all. They're easily persuaded.

  3. Angel,

    I submit to you that we are in need of a new Subway franchise or Megaplex movie theatre. While I rarely eat fast food, I would say that I would welcome the opening of a McDonald's before seeing another law diploma mill open its doors.

    At least, McDonald's, Subway and the movie theater do not feed off of federally-backed loans. (Sure, you can say these ventures leech off of the interstate highway system or cronyism, but that is far different from sucking on the federally-backed student loan teat.)

    Hell, these franchises actually provide some joy and leisure to thousands or millions of people. In contrast, law schools are a drain on public resources - and they consign an entire generation of young people to a lifetime of debt servitude.

  4. As a victim of this commode, Southern New England School of law, I can tell you two things about it. 1) I am currently debating whether to sue them for not issuing the proper degree to me. I graduated May 2010, the merger with Umass took place Feb 2010. They gave me a SNESL degree rather than a UMASS degree. The kicker is the class who came before me is getting UMass degrees even though they were accepted AND graduated under PRECISELY the same criteria I did.

    I won't go into the difficulty I have had dealing with UMass-Dartmouth. The biggest piece of shit school ever to grace the grand state of MA. The Chancellor and her lover had embezzled 200k from the school and were under investigation. However, the charges magically dropped. The place is an eyesore located near scenic New Bedford (go check the murder rate).

    2) SNESL - or now UMASS is a unaccredited hellhole where they mislead you down a path of butterflies and sunshine into painful NON-DISCHARGABLE DEBT. The education I received was third rate. I got blindsided by the bar exam. I failed it by 4 points but I got a 149 on my LSAT so no surprises there. Most of my miserable fuck colleges have hung themselves on their shingles . I wish I could express the ire I feel about my experience there with ANYONE even considering going there.

    If anyone reading this is thinking about law school, DO NOT do it! I am 6 months out of school and unemployed. I don't have a bar license but I don't think it would matter.

    Everyday is a struggled to not fucken blow my brains all over the wall for the wasted 3 years on this endeavor. I also get the added joy of dealing with loan servicers and my bill collectors. Every stupid lemming thinks this won't be them, I know because I was one of those people. It will be YOU! You are not special. Unless you are going to a T1 - top 5 school, DON'T BOTHER! Oh and please don't try to say that you will find NON-legal employment. Guess what? No one is gunna hire your ass. You will be OVERqualified or UNDER experienced.

    Take your nice BA, go find a job or spend that money on a trip around the world. But don't buy into the higher education scam.

  5. Oh and I have met Margaret Xifaras, she is the worst kind of opportunist. The only person worse than her is Dean Robert Ward who is the biggest fucken prick on the planet. He recruits young black and Hispanic students and then allows them to fail out. Many had no business in law school because their gpa/test scores were so low. But SNESL got their money so who cares right?!

    Just one last thing about this commode. Here is an example of why you shouldn't go here. They had this woman working there teaching contracts and business org, she was also the dean of academics or something. She was fucken crazy. I watched her drink a whole 6 pack of Tab in a 2 hour class. Due to the fact she was nuts, and I hated her, I asked her a impertinent question about whether we should simply study Barbri questions instead of our notes. Her tests were clearly pillaged from Barbri questions and not even well I might add. She often would try to change the names but fail. lol.

    So she ran up to me and started screaming in my face during class. After bathing in her saliva, she called me into her office the next day where she said I was "extremely disrespectful." Then issued threats saying that "I wouldn't last long here [at snesl] and she would make sure of it." That is really professional isn't it?

    Luckily she left that following semester to take a job teaching in wonderful West Virgina. But she came back just in time to take credit for the merger. Ha. Stay clear of SNESL - now UMass. It is really the WORST school in Mass and possibly in the top 10 fails nationally.



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