Monday, December 27, 2010

Law Students Behaving Badly: Using Their Knowledge for the Greater Good

So, does the bouncer have to worry about a lawsuit?
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  1. Two young men who don't realize they're gay... Telling themselves that they're cruising for chicks, and not really in love with each other.....

    Jeez, we've never seen that before!

  2. They are rather lacking in the damages category. These guys are clowns.

  3. The guy who shot the video is correct.

    Freakin drunk ass obnoxious cracka had it comin to him. He's lucky brotha man didn't cold jack his self entitled punk ass even worse. The two drunk white boys must have been recent law school grads. Its about time somebody put punks like that in check. They probabably went to Brooklyn Law School.

    It would be great if that bouncer would just do the same to some of these obnoxious prick devil law firm partners who make so many of their underling's lives miserable.

    Quite frankly, this sort of thing needs to happen more often to our nation's devilish overlord class. Regular folk are gettin quite fed up with obnoxious and arrongant devils like that. I am surprised we have not seen more of this in law firms and work places like that brother did up in Ct. at the beer distributor.

    God bless that bouncer. But he should be prepared for unjust repercussions from the Man.

  4. Shopkeeper privilege would be a sufficient defense for the bouncer's employer. Vicarious liability will excuse the bouncer, assuming he's on the clock.

    Don't matta if you have a jd, you're still subject to the laws of physics. Therefore, do not shout in the face of a large, strong bouncer when you are a skinny, overeducated white dude (like myself).

    This vid is hilarious, but raises my blood pressure.

  5. Stupidest white boys ever! and why I feel bad for NYC bouncers.

  6. Go to school kids (commenters). That's why you're underemployed. Using racial slurs. The professional thing would have been to call the cops to deal with the drunk and disorderly.

    And, no, I don't care about a$$-clown grammar and punctuation.



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