Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Discounted Tuition at UNH School of Law... Hardly News.

Believe it or not, University of New Hampshire School of law is discounting tuition for in-state residents.  A whopping $4,000 off every year if you're in-state and an additional $4,000 if you're enrolled at University of New Hampshire undergrad.  That's $8,000.00!
Of course, that begs the question.  How much is tuition at UNH School of Law?  $39,000.00 a year.  That means, if you graduate from this school with $93,000 of debt for tuition alone.  That's no bargain.  UNH School of Law will be affiliated with Franklin Pierce in the fall and its number 9 in Intellectual Property.  However, it's still not worth it.  This would be real news if they cut tuition in half.  Nice PR game.  Try again.

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