Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Extraordinary Opportunity" for Paralegal/JD in Northern Virginia

For $11-13 an hour you can work from dawn until dusk with a 30 minute lunch break at a law office located in Falls Church, VA, one of the richest cities in the country. Notice how the ad makes no difference between a paralegal right out of college and a law graduate. Either way you're just a low wage administrative assistant who must also juggle being a lawyer and interacting with clients.

I live in Podunk where the cost of living is significantly less than in NOVA/DC and the housekeepers here get paid more than what a lot of the firms in major cities are offering these days. Also be sure to check out toiletlaw's latest post for another extraordinary opportunity to work for $12 an hour in New Jersey.

Very skilled experienced Paralegal or JD needed for very busy criminal and civil practice.
Extraordinary opportunity with opportunity for growth.

Must have experience having worked in other law firms.
Be professional and articulate as this position involves client interaction.
Must be ON TIME, organized and able to multi-task.
Hours are from 8AM to 6:00PM daily with a 30 minute lunch break.

client intakes
scheduling apts.
creating files
filing away files
organizing office
maintaining calenders
calling clients
typing letters, pleadings and correspondence daily. Must be a fast typist.
Answering phones/taking messages
interacting with the Court
periodic filings with the court

Fast Paced environment - must be able to juggle many different tasks.
MUST NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD OF ANY KIND - a complete background check will take place
ONLY APPLICANTS THAT PROVIDE their resumes will get a response.
This position is for immediate placement, please be ready to start promptly.
Only applicants with salary expectations will receive interview opportunity.

Thank you.
  • Location: Falls Church
  • Compensation: $11 to $13/hour or based on experience


  1. That sure is some "Extraordinary Opportunity." Yessiree, Bob.

    Law school career offices need to post this one on their websites.

  2. Sometimes, one needs play a game and try to piece together facts which may explain things in a logical fashion.

    This is what I came up with:

    Fact 1: $12 bucks an hour is a slight step higher than an unpaid internship.

    Fact 2: only rich kids have the wherewithal to engage in unpaid internships.

    Fact 3: as per your post, Falls Church is located in one of the richest counties in the nation.

    Piece all these facts together, and you get an interesting picture. This ad makes sense because there are no poor people in Falls Church. The kids have rich parents that are capable of supporting them through their semi-unpaid internship to learn the ropes. The ad will probably get many responses.


  3. "I live in Podunk where the cost of living is significantly less than in NOVA/DC and the housekeepers here get paid more than what a lot of the firms in major cities are offering these days."

    Then the answer is clear: give up law and take up housekeeping...

  4. @4:16,

    Yes, we should put that on a T-shirt, shouldn't we? Someone with $100K in total student loan debt should go into housekeeping, right?!

    The law schools, the NALP, and the ABA all lie about employment placement and their supposed, alleged starting salary figures. They do so for the purpose of enticing more lemmings to take the plunge. What would yoiu call that, 4:16? Sound business practices?

    Hopefully, more pre-law students will stumble upon these attorney job ads when (or, preferrably, prior to) applying to law school. The lawyer market is grossly over-saturated. If the law school industry gave a crap about its students and practitioners, it would (a) NOT approve any more law schools for at least 10 years; (b) require its member schools to limit the number of seats for incoming classes; (c) require that each school submit its employment and salary figures to an outside, independent audit; and (d) move to contract the number of law schools over the next 5 years.

    Of course, this corrupt industry will not do any of these things, as it has a good scam going with lots of willing victims.



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