Sunday, April 18, 2010

Calling All California Law Students! An Opportunity to be Heard...

Hi Angel and Hardknocks,

I'm a freelance reporter writing an article about how the recession is affecting California law students and recent graduates.  I read your blog and I thought this might be something that you or your readers could speak to.

I'm trying to find Californian law students or grads willing to talk about how the poor economy is hurting their job search and especially how it's making it harder for them to manage student debt.  I know this is already a big problem for anyone who's been to law school, but I'd like to find out how much worse it's become in the past year since the slow-down.

Here are some of the questions I'm trying to answer: Are they seeing fewer job openings in California?  How did the recession affect where students look for jobs or what kind of job they look for? Is the economy convincing some grads to abandon attempts to get law jobs and look for new careers? How is debt limiting their career options?

I know that not all of these questions may apply to you, but I thought that you may know of some grads from California who would be interested in speaking out about this issue.   Please let me know if there are any good times when you'd be available to chat for a few minutes either today or next week; you can drop me a line here at Also, please feel free to pass on my contact info to anyone whom you think would be up to talking.

Mike Rosen


  1. Just another leach trying to make money off the backs of law students and recent law grads.

  2. We'd all do the same thing if we could. We have to get the word out to the masses. Even if it means going through third tier reporters. Information is the only ammunition we have.

  3. Glad you posted that. I got the same email. Was wondering if I should reply---or pass it along even. I've had like three or four people reach out to me about writing articles on managing law school debt. I've talked with two already. Never goes anywhere. You email him back?

  4. I told him that I would ask my readers for help, but I don't actually know anything about the Cali market. I think all press is good press at this point and I'm happy if he's making money writing about our misfortune. It's better than the deans who are making money creating our misfortunes.

  5. I agree with Angel. It is better to make some money for a reporter (who will actually bring some attention to the plight of law school and grad school survivors) than it is to allow more to fall victim to the law school scam! I have a friend who graduated from UCLA Law in 2009. He now teaches middle school.

    Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. He paid full sticker to attend this 15th ranked law school. See? One CAN do anything with a law degree!!



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