Monday, October 3, 2011

Media Coverage of Occupy Wall Street has been Piss Poor.

I am so frustrated with the Media's coverage of the Occupy Wall Street Protests.  If you're a normal dope-- you watch evening news for a few minutes, read the free paper on the subway and you're in the dark as to what these people want... these tattooed, bridge blocking, hippies...
The news commentary has been horrid.  The liberals are like the tea party, but without leadership. There's no clear list of demands.  We're not certain if this will become a political party or not.  Bullocks!  It's clear as day what they want.  And if I see one more of my Facebook book soon-to-be-ex-friends postamessage about how those "occupy wall street losers need to quit it," I will go postal.  EVERYONE I KNOW HAS STUDENT LOAN DEBT.  We're all losers in varying degrees and these hippies (and I've seen them, they're so not) are sticking their heads and necks out for us.
Remember that petition I wanted you to sign?  That's part of this movement. They want Educated Indentured Servitude dealt with because it's one of the many symptoms of Corporate Greed.

So, stop looking down on these people and take up a sign and join them. I did last week and it was invigorating.  Here's a small blurb on the issue.  You really need to know what this is about and if you don't hear it from me, you'd go to the grave engulfed in your ignorant, holier than though bliss. 
Please report back if you grew a set of balls and decided to fight for you own cause rather than leaving it to others far more brave than you.


  1. The part the gets me is that these protesters are painted as leftist liberal hippy douches....perhaps some of them are but not me. I am just a regular Republican turned moderate/decline-to-state voter douche:).

    Either way, I went to a rally in my hometown and while I saw a bunch of people who looked like the sixties said buh-bye to them a long time ago, I also saw a lot of people like me there. In the immortal words of McArthur, "I shall return."

    This movement, whether it becomes larger or not, fizzles, or not, is the start of something that will pay dividends for us and our children. The press can pay attention or can miss out on a huge story. It is their loss.

  2. You need a leader, and agenda. I would suggest you find unemployed people who have knowledge on how to work the media. If you do not do that your message will be lost. The media says this is a protest by many groups with different agendas, if that is not the case you must educate the media about the reality of what you want to do.

  3. I disagree. There's quite a few people who have taken the reins here and they are all a side note. Robert Appelbaum for one... what about the Senator who has introduced the bill to forgive student debt. Lastly, there are several hollywood types that have shown up. If the Mindless Media focused on any one of those people, the "movement" would appear way more organized. In fact, if you go to the website and simply give it a gander, there are leaders listed for every locale.

  4. We are finally gonna win for sure on this with all of the protesting going on!

    It is all very very thrilling! More important even than civil rights because now people have debts of high amounts!

    We've been waiting for us and we're finally here!

    No way we can lose now!

  5. The media is trained for the he said-she said of the Democratic-Republican SuperParty as the "legitimate" form of political debate. No issue exists unless the Democratic and Republican leadership is disputing it. This is not going to change. They have been doing this for, what?, 25 years now? Many of the reporters did not even start working in the industry until after all this got started with Reagan in the 80s. Most of the American public barely remembers a world that was not premised on Reaganomics. In short, you are going to have to find other ways- they aren't going to help you. The media that is. The general public - the more its hit with shocks- as with the Great Depression- will suddenly discover their inner left leaning malcontent.

  6. "It's clear as day what they want."


    Please enlighten the ignorant concerning precisely who they are and what they want.

  7. Not sure what they want but I'm sure their efforts will amount to absolutely nothing. Obama and the democrats had control for two full years and could have passed any legislation they desired. They chose to do nothing at all about student loan relief. Now the republicans control the house of reps and will block any student loan relief legislation, no matter how many misguided knuckleheads clog the Brooklyn Bridge. Still, I hope the "protests" continue as they are genuinely entertaining.

  8. The media is now controlled by the greedy Woodstock generation.

    Woodstock is now, and was always, in retrospect, Greedstock.

    And the Hippies are all, now, ugly and really old and unappealing, and all monster Hippiecrytes.

    I would say by now that the old fart Hippie Generation has done 10 times more economic harm to the ever honest US populace than the parents of the Hippies that the Hippies complained about.

    How I cannot stand the awful legacy and destruction in the wake of their counterculture, confused childhood "dreams" or rather nightmares, which have spilled over into the the suffering of future American generations.

  9. Would this be the same media that said exactly nothing when we launched a drone and explodeded . . . on of our own citizens in Yemen?

    I mean, granted, the guy was a first class asshole, but I was under the impression that we didn't do that, you know, on principle. Like one we might have written down somewhere.

    Honestly, what can you expect? We don't live in a democracy. It's a plutocracy, and the media has the money, just like defense, just like the banks, just like the "healthcare" "providers"

    What these people want is not to live in a geriatric society where no one gets a job before 35. What they want is for Obama to do something for the people WHO PUT HIM IN OFFICE. What they want is a government not run by corporate puppet masters.

  10. I've been following the coverage of the protests, and it's certainly not clear as day what they want.

    Some think Obama is just as bad as every other politician, others think the most important thing that can be done is reelect Obama.

    Some want to increase competition and make capitalism work better, others are communists.

    The demands are everything from an end to the death penalty to an end to ageism.

    This is pretty similar to the mixed messages of the Tea Party. Some thought Republicans were just as bad as Democrats, and others were straight party line voters. Some wanted to get the government out of everything, others want the government to get God, and then get into everything. The smaller government/less taxes message was pretty consistent, but outside of that there were crazy messages of all stripes.

  11. Why don't they just vote against the politicians of whom they disapprove? Marching around the streets all winter will yield no tangible results since the republicans won't pass any legislation. Still, it must be nice to have such copious amounts of free time to waste getting arrested.

  12. Interesting posts--

    (a) Claim not to understand what the protests are about, and

    (b) Demonize the protesters

    in the same posts

  13. BL1Y,
    You're a douche.

  14. "BL1Y,
    You're a douche."

    Unless you compare him to JD Painterguy, who is a Super Douche.

    Hey JD - since you're so young and hawt and all, what have you done to make a difference? My Woodstock generation changed the laws so your wives and girlfriends don't get stuck in dead-end pink-collar jobs anymore. What are you doing with your youth, besides having your tail so far up under your legs the right wing doesn't even bother making fun of you because they know you are already neutered?



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