Monday, October 10, 2011

BIDER's Official UN-Endorsement of Herman Cain!

He lost me with these words:

“Don’t blame Wall Street. Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.”

How many of you are doing everything you can and still find that you are "not rich"?  For those of you that feel that the President should have some compassion for those less fortunate than himself, I implore you never to support this fucking joke of a candidate.

Listen here, token black man.  Don't forget where you came from and who you left behind, and stepped on to get where you are.


  1. This is a person who, prior to making that statement, went on the record as saying women should not have the right of bodily autonomy even if they have been impregnated by rape! I think that should have disqualified him from the get-go.

  2. Thanks for that bit of information. I had never heard that before. I honestly didn't know much about him because I did not consider him a serious candidate until last week, when he won a straw poll. I was shocked. Then I heard this, and he's done in my mind before he took off. Personally, I think he may end up the GOP candidate and even elected because he will swing the Black vote. Then, black presidents in this country will be done forever because the economy is not likely to fix for another 5 to 6 years. The powers that be will it and it will be so. ;)

  3. Wow, Bider, calling someone a "token black man" - that is pretty racist.

    Look, this country is screwed up. It will continue to be screwed up no matter who is elected. There is not a political solution to this mess - you are seeing a long term trend in the devaluation of labor which will continue. We'll have to see where that takes us.

    You are going to have to do what you need to do to survive. Saying it's "all your fault" is a little strong but at some point we all have to move forward with the messed up situation we find us in. Blaming others may be fun and allow you to escape any responsibility, but it will not put food on table.

  4. I'm the token minority girl. Therefore, I can use that language.

  5. You know I'm with you on almost everything written on this site, but the "token black man" comment made me shudder. Coming from another minority, step back and think about whether that comment really would fly in person instead of online, regardless of your minority female status. Would you refer to President Obama as a "token black man" in his office? Or do you just choose that language to describe Cain because you disagree with at least one of his views?

  6. Okay, Jerry. Got you. But luckily for me, I used it in conversation with a black man yesterday from my hood. I said, he's an asshole, he said that "blacks are brain washed." He's a relatively smart, well-spoken black man--and for that he has served as the token black man on many boards. He wasn't offended at all and laughed and said, he was in the right place at the right time. Look, being the token black man doesn't mean that there aren't millions of black men that could step in his shoes on the board of Pillsbury or Reader's Digest. It means, that they only want one as a token and aren't willing to extend the privilege to people blind to race and sex. So, I'm not taking it back and I'll throw it around in a few more conversations. I'll let you know if I get punched.
    Obama was not a token black man who served on multiple boards of big companies, using it to leverage his business interests. He's a smart dude and, frankly, his race is irrelevant to me and always has been.

  7. But Obama is just as heartless as this tool. Obama simply pretends to empathize with those less fortunate--but he serves the same corporate masters as Cain.

    Obama is actually worse than Cain because he bamboozles "good liberals" into supporting Cain-like policies. Obama may not adopt the nines plan (I wonder if it's like the movie?), but he will adopt something similar if he can; early signs point to Obama promoting the "bipartisan" compromise of more tax cuts and a flat tax type system in exchange for temporary tax increases on corporations and the elimination of the mortgage interest deduction.

    Obama is just as much of an Uncle Tom as Cain. In fact, he's more effective at serving his corporate masters than Cain could ever hope to be. Tribalist liberals support right-wing policies simply because Obama is black and has a D next to his name. At least Cain is honest about whom he serves.

  8. I want Ron Paul. That's my candidate. I just respect Obama more than Cain.

  9. I'm white, but a black man once said to me "you my nigga." Does that mean I can start using that term now?

  10. I'm a black man before anybody calls me on my manner of speaking but this nigger is just showing his true colors. Obviously he isn't as intelligent as obama is because at least Obummer can hide himself well like the snake he is.
    We know this country is fucked when our politicians don't even bother donning their disguises anymore.

  11. I see nothing wrong with Angel commenting on Cain's race and how it fits into the context of a Republican primary. It should not be a taboo subject.

    I don't know if "token" is the right word. But maybe it is. Here's no less of an authority than Wikipedia:

    "In the arts, employment, and politics, tokenism is a policy or practice of limited inclusion or artistic and/or political representation of members of a minority group, usually creating a false appearance of inclusive practices rather than discrimination, intentional or not. Typical examples in real life and fiction include purposely including a member of a minority race (such as a black character in a mainly white cast, or a woman in a traditionally male universe) into a group. Classically, token characters have some reduced capacity compared to the other characters and may have bland or inoffensive personalities so as to not be accused of stereotyping negative traits. Alternatively, their differences may be overemphasized or made "exotic" and glamorous."

    Blacks are not very highly represented in the Republican party. It's thus fair to accuse a Cain or Keyes of being a token.

    But Obama is a token too. He makes liberals feel good while he serves the same masters that Cain or Keyes would serve. Obama makes liberals feel like he represents the 99%, when the truth is Obama works for the top 1%. The fact he's black helps him pull off this scam with Democrats et al.

    The Republicans are just trying to get in on that action as well--except their tokens are never taken as seriously.

  12. Anyone still on the Ron Paul train is delusional at best. Remember, the guy that cheered at the idea of someone dying because they chose to be uninsured (read: couldn't afford to be insured) was cheering at Ron Paul's *platform.* My other favorite Paulism is that we eliminate the EPA, because if someone's polluting your property, you just sue them in court! Yeah! Go sue Chevron for polluting your local stream! I'm sure it'll be resolved quickly and fairly. Paul just wants to replace the Government of America with the Church of America.

    --Former libertarian for 12 years until I realized they were just theocrats.

  13. Wait a minute. I watched a lot of Southpark during funemployment and I thought being a Token meant that you were funny, hung out with children who constantly referenced pot, and were a cartoon character.


    The only thing I blame myself for is going to law school. That was my demise. Oh, and I'm poor.

  14. "Listen here, token black man." Oh right, only Democrats are allowed to be Black. If you're a black Republican than you're an "uncle tom." How about this: Cain is a self made millionaire who understands that hard work, and not a whining on a blog, makes people successful. Oh wait, according to BIDER he's black so I guess he's not smart enough to think of that on his own.

  15. Again ... people listening to mainstream media. Everything is repeated either out of context or with a twist.
    I have listened to Cain for 5 years on the radio. He is the most sincere person in politics that you will find. He says what he means, and does not talk in circles. He also never uses a teleprompter.
    As for his stance on abortion, he said he "personally" did not think it was right, even in a rape case .... he never said women should be forbidden to make this choice, and he would never try to take away this right. He is mostly Libertarian FYI. Also ... the "it's your own fault" comment, was directed at the people who are choosing to demonstrate instead of work. He has empathy for those who cannot find work through no fault of their own. I heard the comment, and I heard the interviews.
    Mis information is dangerous people. Please check your sources, and do your research. The media on both sides will skew the facts and we know this. Don't let them manipulate you!
    Cain's 999 plan is just a prelude to the fair tax, which is a bold move that will work! Repeal the 16th amendment and abolish the IRS. Check the facts here ... and please listen to some non biased interviews with Cain before making a decision.
    Why would we want to put another career politician in office?? More of the same?? Complicated policy that masks all of the corruption.

  16. "token black man"? oh, that's right, you're the same blogger who thinks Hilldale College is racist because their brochure didn't have a token black person in the brochure. Nevermind that Hilldale was the first college in America to specifically prohibit racial discrimination in admissions, you can spot a racist because they don't wave a darkie in your face.

    Only you, with Outraged Lefty Vision, can spot the true racists and token darkies. Herman Cain's not a serious candidate because he was a chairman at the Fed, not because he turned several failing businesses to profitability ... he's just the house negro for the tea party.

  17. You only refer to Cain, not Obama as a token black because you are a liberal and you incorrectly perceive Obama as a liberal, which he is not.

    Cain is a piece of garbage, but you think Obama doesn't serve the same corporate interests as Cain? If so you are still dreaming and I'm afraid if you haven't woken up by now, you probably never will. If you don't believe me, just look at who's in Obama's cabinet and who are his largest campaign contributors. Also consider the fact that he raised something like 750M when he ran in 2008...just think about where that kind of money comes from. Hint: not poor black kids in the ghetto.

    Also I think most black people think society owes them and they should get everything for free without having to work for it.

    And I would vote for a black President, just one not as corrupt and stupid as Herman Cain or Barack Obama.

    Maybe you love Obama so much because he won't reform the bankruptcy code to allow discharge of student loans. Maybe you love him because he sucks Wall Street's dick. Maybe you love him because he's in more wars than Bush. But either's blind love.

  18. Herman Cain is not a self made millionaire! He's a federal reserve tool.

  19. DeAnna-Cain never talks in circles? WTF?!

    Here you go, I've opened another one's eyes:

  20. As a black man I see Cain and see the epitome of a token black man...I really see Uncle Ruckus more than anything but some may not get the Boondocks reference...carry on



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