Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Really Bad Interview....

Very cool video.  Actually, the whole series is pretty cool.  From what I read on the writer, Rick Eid, he is a former Skadden associate, turned writer for Law & Order.  Kudos, Rick!  Congrats for the successful leap to a fulfilling profession.  Thanks for the tip!


  1. Barack Obama Scamblogger?

    "We were lucky, because we had gone to good law schools, and we knew that we could earn it. It was still a good investment."

    As opposed to what other type of law school Mr. President?

  2. Sucks that there won't be any more episodes. Was sort of the heart and soul of Bitter Lawyer.

  3. Look at what bad interviews got her:,0,7286086.story

  4. Actually, Obama should have said he knew Michelle could pay off their debts. He was rather broke until he became a slumlord lawyer.

  5. I'm sorry, I'm a few days late in watching the video.

    It is Hysterical!

    Old Johnny did have a half ass unlicensed law job too once, though he never got into discussing it.

    The interview was so friggin funny!

    And pounding the drinks later in the bar as well.

    And the rest...



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