Monday, June 20, 2011

The Law School Bubble!

Law School Bubble
From: The Best Colleges

Great graphic, Tipster!  Not my own though.  So happy that that schizzle is becoming common knowlege.  If you don't know, now you know!


  1. Holy crap, that's the first chapter of the gospel summed up in graphics and language so simple even a Cooley applicant can understand it.

  2. surprised that a fourth tier school costs about half of a top tier school.

    of course, the 4th tier should cost close to nothing, but I've always heard fourth tier people complain about how their tuition is basically just the same as those in the 1st tier.

  3. Hi Angel.

    Hope things have improved for you and you don't feel like as much of a victim as you did in the past. I know you liked me even though I was kind of blunt with the things I pointed out to you, and I always did appreciate that while you got upset you confided that I was "more or less" on target.

    I did end up getting a government legal job, so while I won't be making 6 figures like you did a while back, there is a lot less pressure and probably a good deal more security. Can't say it is terribly exciting (or really at all exciting...) but it's workable for a while.

    Well, take care, and I'm sorry I made you cry back in the day.

    Your friend,


  4. That would make a great poster. It should be put up in every high school and around college campuses.



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