Monday, November 29, 2010

Please Vote for Us! Don't Make Me Beg!

Just got this in my email today...

Dear Blawgger, 

As an author of one of the more than 3,000 blawgs in the ABA Journal's online directory, we thought you'd want to know that our annual Blawg 100 list was published today. 

Now the real fun begins. We've invited our readers to vote for their favorite blogs from among the top 100 in each of 12 categories. Voting ends at close of business Dec. 30. Winners will be announced in January.

Each year, our favorites list sparks debate about the state of the blawgosphere, legal blogs that didn't make the list, and how lawyers can benefit from writing and reading news and analysis being produced online every day by their colleagues worldwide. 

So we invite you to point your readers to the Blawg 100 and continue contributing to that conversation.

Thank you for the news and analysis you provide the legal community on your blog.

Edward A. Adams
Editor and Publisher
ABA Journal 


  1. Oh well, I wasn't nominated. Vote for Namby Pamby instead.

  2. Who wants to be associated with this TTTT organization anyway?! Some of my best posts have been the ones where I stomp a mudhole in the ABA's ass.

  3. Sorry, don't know who wants to be voted on & I don't care. Got my own contest to promote on my own blog, thanks.



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