Thursday, December 29, 2011

The ONLY Way to Make Law School Affordable.

Live on the streets. My jaw hit the floor when I read this article from gawker.  I am sure he'll continue to be homeless when he becomes a debt burdened attorney.  But seriously though, there's something to this guy's strategy.  Once, when I was on a temporary project, I sat next to a guy who clearly shat in his pants and was probably homeless.  I complained to the Associate who told him he should go home and clean up and come back, so he went to bathroom--scrubbed up and came back.  He still stunk.  He could learn a little something something from this anonymous law school student.  Apparently the key is to rent a locker at a sports club/gym--actually several.  Read on...

So I have one locker for running clothes and laundry, one for dress shirts, one for dress pants and one for miscellaneous things. And also each locker has a spot for shoes at the top so that's really good.
I had to really reduce the amount of stuff that I had. I had to get rid of everything that's nonessential. I only have, like, five dress shirts, five dress pants, some running clothes that are necessary and then obviously sweatshirts and stuff. Other than clothes I don't really have a lot of stuff, just stuff for shaving and brushing my teeth and books. I have a school locker too, so that helps.
I also have access to my school. Its open until midnight and then opens again at 8 a.m. so I nap there a lot. There's this one room in the library that has couches and I nap there during the day when I have breaks in between classes. At night I try and stay in there as late as possible so I can get the maximum amount of warmth. So I'll leave there at midnight and go find a spot and then NY Health and Racquet club opens at six. So I really only have six hours outside, so its not unbearable.
Awesome!  And this very realistic youth realizes that he might not have a job as an attorney when he's done.  So, he's already contemplating a change in careers.  He wants to become a homelessness consultant.  I think he's brilliant and my hero of the month!


  1. The British did a study recently* and discovered that homelessness whacks off 30 years of your life expectency, on average. This guy would be better off playing Russian Roulette for money like Christopher Walken in "The Deer Hunter."


    * I would Google that one; I saw the story on Sam Smith's Progressive Review agregator site, and the story is now buried somewhere.

  2. Strelnikov,

    Hell, Walken's character defied the odds several times over, in that movie. But at least he didn't carry $120K in non-dischargeable student debt. If he did, and had a co-signer, then his co-signer would be on the hook after the bullet in the chamber enters his brain.

  3. Some years back, there was an apparently homeless NYU student:

    I'd love to know what became of him.

    1. Hes a graduate student at Indiana State's Department of Folklore.

  4. I read the full article at the original site and it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with that law students job prospects or financial situation. That guy voluntarily left his apartment and decided to live on the streets as some kind of personal challenge. For you to torture some connection to the crappy legal job market or law school racket (both of which are certainly horrific crises in their own right) was highly disingenuous and leaves me with serious doubt as to the credibility of your blog in general.

  5. Great job, Raymond. That's why I post the link and not just my commentary. It's good you can read.

  6. This is a great find. I wonder what school he is going to. He might be in my European Law course, which, oh crap, starts in 15 minutes!



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