Monday, September 19, 2011

Sign this Petition NOW!

I don't actually believe that student loans should be forgive. I do believe they should be dischargeable in bankruptcy.  However, this is close enough.  What could stimulate the economy more than freeing up large amounts of former student's incomes to .... well, realistically, pay rent and buy food. But hypothetically, to spend on consumer bull shit.
I'm actually in this predicament right now.  I have a 40 inch old fashioned TV.  It's as wide as it big and takes up 1/3 of my small New York apartment.  I decided that I should invest $99 bucks in an Apple TV so I can cancel cable. I didn't even realize, that to save money, I need to buy a fucking new TV. It's hopeless!  I could buy a really nice TV with the $600 I fork over to Access monthly.  You can't even save money without spending money I don't have.

Aside from that, for an update. My practice is busy, thank GOD.  My hourly rate is shit though. But that's how you get the clients.  But I'm doing lots of family where I'm constantly subjected to abuse by my clients, judges and opposing counsel.  JOY!  I'm trying really hard and I know I do a good job, but I may burn out soon. I am one of the lucky ones.  I would do Real Estate closings except I lost lots of money on closings that didn't go through because the buyers failed to get funding.  As we all know, you have to mold your practice to the work that's available.  I count my blessings I have any work at all and pray that I can pay my bills from month to month.

Sign this petition now and make a difference!  I hope the deadline didn't pass.  Sign it anyway!


  1. The Democrats had control of the presidency, the house and senate for two full years and did nothing on student loan reform. The notion that the Republican house will ever let student loan reform come to the floor for a vote is a fantasy.

    Sign all the petitions you want - this is going nowhere.

  2. I agree with 10:24 pm. The banks OWN Congress. That said, we may as well support this effort. It is better to go down swinging, than looking at strike three.

    By the way, it is GREAT to see you back, Angel. I hope to heaven that you will post more frequently. We need you, in this fight.

  3. Even for people who agree that student loan is excessive, it's still almost impossible to make a justifiable case to forgive all student loan debt en masse. It's not fair to students who maybe attended a less expensive program or didn't go to graduate/profession school at all due to not being able to afford it or not wanting to incur considerable debt. This is just another welfare and subsidy program that people feel they deserve when things didn't go their way. If people knew in retrospect that all student loan would be forgiven in the future then they would have gotten multiple free degree. It's not fair to punish prudent people and give gifts to people who entered into debt voluntarily even if most agree that student loan debt is problematic and extremely excessive

  4. What about letting it be dischargeable in bankruptcy? There's a penalty for that... Does it make a diffrence?

  5. What do the schools own? Don't blame the banks when the faculty are mostly Democrats. The Republicans would support this, but only if the schools paid back the money and only if the banks are freed from having to loan money. Also, 10:48 is absolutely right. A market solution would be the creation of a statutory class for litigation.



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