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UMASS Dartmouth School of Law: "Winning"!

The only school I love to hate nearly as much as Tom Cooley is UMass-Dartmouth. It's a recent addition to the over saturated market in Massachusetts.  It was opened on the premise that every last corner of Massachusetts needs a law school.  Every.... last... corner.  And with the opening of every shit law school is bound to be an influx of shit students.  There are only so many decent, accomplished applicants to go around.  It's my guess that Harvard, BU, BC, Northeastern, Suffolk, UMass, etc. etc. etc. got first dibs on those applicants and UMass-Dartmouth was left with this winner:
John E. Cassidy, 26, was released by Fall River Superior Court Judge Thomas MaGuire on the condition he does not break any laws and does not possess firearms, the District Attorney's Office said.... The UMass Dartmouth law school student charged with illegal firearms possession was ordered released on personal recognizance Friday...
No big whoop, right?  He's not the first law student to break the law, but like many law students--he rises above his peers with another charge:
Cassidy, a Texas native, has an open fugitive warrant from his home state, where he was charged last year with possession of explosive components. He will remain incarcerated in the House of Corrections pending that matter, the District Attorney's Office said. 
So close!  If only that past warrant didn't come up!  He'd be roaming the halls at UMass Dartmouth with the other students and those people that won't shut up in his head.  With his intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system, he'll surely be a great attorney.  He gives new meaning to jailhouse lawyer.  Maybe he'll get paid by his fellow inmates in cigarettes.  He's got to command a higher rate than other jailhouse lawyers--while he's in jail at least.
On March 2, police seized an AK-47 military assault rifle along with a 9-mm handgun and 200 rounds of ammunition from Cassidy's apartment at Ledgewood Commons in North Dartmouth. A roommate also alleged Cassidy had assaulted him. 
Any chance his intention was to have a shootout at school?  I definitely don't encourage it, but what the heck was packing so much heat for?  Was he pissed about the tuition?  Maybe his roomie was the classroom gunner?  Maybe he's just stark raving mad.  If that's the case, you'd think that it would have been apparent from his prior record, his essay.... the way he looks?!

I feel like I'm playing the fiddle on the slowly sinking ship formerly known as the legal profession.  Quantity, not quality.  Remember!  That's the key to the educational industrial complex.

I'm wonder if UMD is going to expel him.  I'm sure it's hard to part with his tuition check, but here's to hoping they will do the right thing.


  1. Sigh.. the classic politician-holding-the-school-t-shirt photo. A popular tactic deployed by TTTs and TTTTs throughout the land. Here's one of George Bush holding my TTTT's logo back in the 80's:

  2. Are there any other UMasses with a law school?

    Why is the Dartmouth part almost as prominently displayed as the UMASS part?

  3. False marketing. There are at least two other UMasses. UMD is the the one that drives me nuts. Completely unnecessary. I am pretty certain that it's still unaccredited too. :)

  4. Can you take the MA bar with an unaccredited degree? Or are they provisionally accredited by the ABA?

  5. There are too many law schools in Mass. Something has got to give. Close down this UMass Piece of Shit. Also, close down NESL, Suffolk, Massachusetts School of Law and Western New England School of Law. All of the aforementioned schools are 100% pieces of shit. Stop the madness.If you go to one of these schools, the likelihood is you will not obtain legal employment. Seriously, no legal job, now or ever, except document review. But you'll be the one to beat the odds ... you'll be the one to rise above it all ... right? I'll see you at the next doc review ... sucker.

  6. 10:30 p.m., I'm sure that it wasn't accredited and I'm not sure if it's on track yet. But you sound like you may want to go, please don't. It doesn't matter. It's a piece of shit. I've had students from that school email me to bitch about it and then tell me not to post their emails. Trust me on this.

  7. Angel,

    10:30 here.

    I already ruined my life by going to law school. Luckily, the damage was mitigated since I went to a first tier school with a scholarship.

    I was just interested in how these kids will be able to sit for a bar after going to that school.

  8. On a hope and a prayer that the school will be accredited by then. Only Cali lets you sit for the bar if you went to an unaccredited school--then they ruthlessly flunk you for doing it.

  9. @8:24 -- Let's not forget Northeastern Law. Those doors need to close as well. The only schools that should exist in Mass are Harvard, BU and BC.

  10. Well actually it's accredited by the new England Association of Schools and Colleges and actually is becoming more competitive; it's been around for only two years. It's cheaper for instate students than the other schools you have mentioned. I am a believer school is what you make of it. And yes you can sit for the MA and CT bar...people have gone off and become ADAs and Law Clerks. I believe UMASS is up and coming...give them a break. Don't let the profile of one student ruin it for the rest.

  11. @7:29 - this "school" is a fucking joke. It is an unaccredited piece of shit. Absolutely no one in the legal field takes this place seriously. Thomas Cooley grads laugh at places like this. Sorry, but the reality is that this place rakes in $$$ for the state. The Commonwealth is not doing anyone favors by keeping this place running except for the taxpayers who mock it from the sidelines.

  12. Wow... you are totally misinformed. We have professors from Brown, Columbia, NYU, and other prominent law schools. And for your information UMASS-Dartmouth is the only public law school in Massachusetts. The school has a site visit with the ABA in November for provisional status and the school WILL be accredited by March 2012. You might be talking about the previous school SNESL, that school is terrible. The incoming 1L law student LSAT score for this semester is 155. Get your facts straight buddy. I guarantee any student at UMASS can compete with any student at Suffolk. Which you are probably one of those students who wishes he would pay 30,000 less for the same education.

  13. If you really want to break it down UMASS Law Dartmouth is just the same as all these other law schools in the country. Just a big racket for states to rack in money with the promise of becoming a lawyer. The bad thing is that getting a job is always about who you know and not what you know. UMASS Law Dartmouth is a good school that is getting up on it's feet. I don't understand how a person could have a negative opinion of a school that isn't putting students in DEBT as much as the other schools. The only people I could see being upset were those who went to other schools and paid a lot more for the same education. And lets not get started on Law Schools accepting criminals into their ranks. Lets not act as if Mr. Cassidy is the only "questionable" person to get into a law school.

  14. You don't have too much perspective. Do you? Its pathetic that a state like Mass didn't have a public law school. Didn't say much for the pop. The law school proliferation was because Mass had no public option. Umass will eventually fix what you're bitchin about, and you condemn the. Fool.

  15. just a small correction: the umass dartmouth school of law is the new england school of law. the school was purchased by umass two (three?) years ago.

  16. Retards, most of the people making comments have no idea what law is and how it is practice. Sure, Ivy league schools give great opportunities to internships, but name them? Some of the most prominent attorney's of all time attended low tier schools. And captain tardo, it is unaccredited. If you any idea what the accreditation process is like, you know it would take numerous years. Keep to your computer where your safe, b/c you have no life. Tiers don't say shit. How bout this for you, do you realize only 1% of students at Harvard law's parents make under $100,000 a year? Enough practice with the LSAT, anyone can make it to an Ivy league school with the right connections. Simply put, public education offers a very viable alternative to people who can't afford that type of education. My guess is, you probably didn't make it in to law school. If you did, you probably attended a very sheltered one, like WNEC? Have fun paying 75K a year for an education. This school bridges the gap between the wealthy and the poor in America. Next time you go picking shit, know your facts.

    Furthermore, Cali isn't actually the only state that let's you sit for the bar if your unaccredited. ANY STATE DOES SO! If not, to attend law school would be an exercise in futility. If you take the bar in mass without an accredited law school, you can only practice in MA and Connecticuit. It's called reciprocity under the ABA. By the way, Cali is the number one hardest state to take the bar in.

    One more point. Our school has judges who've graduated from prominent ivy league schools, written text books, and have even had the opportunity to help aid in writing the South Africa Constitution.

    Those who oppose the school, stand for everything this country is for... Opportunity! If you don't like it, move to another country. People insult for the sake of insulting are nothing more than children.

    And thomas cooley laughs at this place? That just makes them douchebags with a capital D!!!!!! Insulting a school? What is this fucking high school?

    Another way to rake in money from the taxpayers, yah......... I'll show you a number of kids that go to the school, who were awarded admission to very prominent law schools. Did they go? No! This is a godsend for people who are enthralled in student loans.

    Know your shit, before you let it fall out of your mouth.

  17. Wow! One student means all students are crap? Better yet, that the education provided by the institution where this person attended classes is to blame for his actions, and this equates to a "shitty" school?
    Hmm... So I guess your parents are shitty since this blog is full of inaccuracies and negativity. We all pick and choose what we speak about and this represents exactly where we are psychologically. Why such desire to inform the world of your disdain for UMDL? What is your purpose? Are you trying to dissuade people from going to this school because you care about them?
    All the propaganda about law school is rooted in one thing: money. In my opinion, the LSAT was created under the premise that one cannot prepare for it. The fact that people do so actually flaws the test. Furthermore, the primary claim made about the LSAT is its accuracy in predicting first year performance. Funny thing is this cannot be tested as those with low LSAT scores are not accepted into the same schools as those with higher scores. This idea can only be tested within small ranges, and excludes a population which could create a lot of issues for the test makers, and the exclusiveness under which all the "high tier" schools operate.
    UMDL is not a part of this industry (yet), and is producing educated students. It's not about which school you attend, but what you do with the education. It's comical how many young aspiring attorneys create so many falsehoods to inflate their egos. UMDL will get its accreditation, and become one of the better schools in the state in time just like every other respectable law school in the country.

  18. Seems to be the author of this blog needs to get a life and stop bashing a school she knows nothing about.

  19. I went to UMASS and have a legal job !

  20. Yes, there are a lot of false statements here.

    There are four UMass schools, but Dartmouth is the only law school in the UMass system. UMass School of Law is the first public interest school in MA.

    It is provisionally accredited, and on track to be ranked. It is a great law school and nearly 20 grand less than law schools in the area. Anyone with any questions should contact the law school. I am a 2L at UMass Law and I know I made a great choice.



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