Friday, July 30, 2010

Contest Winners, the College Scam, and BIDER Art Contest

Angel and I held two giveaways that ended today. Here are the lucky winners!

The winner of the Pear Tree Greetings giveaway is Joanna:
Joanna said...

I love the Scallops - Violet Mommy Cards, especially with the tear-off appointment card at the bottom. It's perfect for scheduling play dates and outings!

Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful new personalized cards!

The winner of the No Sucker Left Behind book giveaway is debbie for sharing her college nightmare with us:
debbie said...

I was doing a special associates degree on working with special needs children. (I was teaching school, while working at a special needs school), then planning on getting my teaching degree. I had gotten done with the third semester, with one to go, when the school called me to tell me they were cancelling the program. Since, I had one semester left, they told me I could still be in the program. But, they changed the classes to night classes, off campus, and in another town. I said forget it.

I have heard a lot of crazy stories about schools pulling stunts and scams on their students, but moving the campus to another town takes the cake. I'm sorry you could not finish your associates degree.

Speaking of the college scam, there is a new book that all of you should check out. "Higher Education? How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money And Failing Our Kids - And What We Can Do About It" by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus argues that the huge amount of debt students today take out to attend college is a waste of money:
Spending as much as $250,000 on a bachelors degree from world-renowned U.S. universities such as Harvard University and Yale is a waste of money, a new book asserts.

"Higher Education? How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money And Failing Our Kids - And What We Can Do About It," urges parents and students to consider colleges that spend on teaching instead of sports and which encourage faculty to interact with students instead of doing research, taking sabbaticals and sitting on campus committees.

"Undergraduates are being neglected," author Andrew Hacker, who co-wrote the book with Claudia Dreifus, told Reuters in an interview.

"Higher education has become the preserve of professors ... (who) really have lost contact with the main purpose of higher education, which is the education of students."

Hacker and Dreifus are critical of many U.S. universities, noting the cost of a 4-year degree has doubled in real dollars compared to a generation ago. But education, they say, has not become twice as good as many colleges lost their focus.

Many Ivy League professors don't teach undergraduates at all and at many colleges teaching is largely farmed out to low-cost adjunct teachers, Hacker said.

What they have to say about higher education should be nothing new to BIDER readers, but at least this book is spreading the truth about the corporate higher education industrial complex to a wider audience of parents and students before they get swindled. I've contacted the publisher and hopefully Angel and I will be able to host a book review and giveaway of this book in the near future.

And remember to enter our art contest. I'm still accepting entries, so please get them in before August 2nd! If you would like to enter but need an extension to submit your entry, let me know, and we can work something out.

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